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Lecture 2: How the Mind Works (Jung's Functions and Types)


This lecture explains Jung's model of how the mind works, the eight psychological functions, and the types of people they are associated with.  See here for a basic sketch of the introverted functions and here for a basic sketch of the extraverted functions.  Also, here is a link to tables with the Jungian functions and types for reference (scroll to the bottom).  

This lecture references Jung's Psychological Types (1971, Collected Works Vol. VI), and quotes come from pp. 436–437, 553, 360, 370, 346–347, 368, 380, and 399.  Main ideas come from Chapters 10 and 11 and the essay Psychological Typology (1936) in the Appendix.

Other references include Dario Nardi's book The Neuroscience of Personality (2011) and A.J. Drenth's profile of the ESTP personality type at https://personalityjunkie.com/estp/