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Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Renata Quintini and Roseanne Wincek - Investing at the Supercritical Stage


My guests today are Renata Quintini and Roseanne Wincek, co-founders and managing directors of Renegade Partners. Before launching Renegade, Renata and Roseanne were partners at high-profile VC firms, Lux Capital and IVP.

During our conversation, we explore their careers and what led them to launch Renegade. We cover what it means to invest at the “Supercritical Stage” in venture and dive into a variety of topics around this theme. We then discuss their investing philosophies more broadly, covering what best-in-class talent pipelines look like, what quality revenue means to them, and what worries them most in search of businesses with outsized potential returns. I think this episode highlights that even as competition in venture has intensified - the best VC partners can offer more than just capital. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Renata and Roseanne.

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Show Notes

[00:03:57] - [First question] - What the process of starting a new investment firm was like

[00:05:22] - Why the world needs another venture firm

[00:06:48] - The biggest takeaway from Renata's experience at a start-up Venture firm

[00:07:51] - The inspiration for Renegade

[00:11:48] - The most common mistakes made in the early stages of a company

[00:15:14] - Key items to look into first when evaluating companies

[00:18:04] - Internal superpowers: helping a founder use their strengths

[00:23:46] - Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction

[00:24:04] - What makes a good customer call

[00:25:44] - How more than one Operating Partner changes the conversation and reveals more

[00:27:59] - How businesses have changed in the past few years

[00:30:31] - What companies that have good talent pipelines do to set themselves apart

[00:35:36] - Lessons learned from working with Coda and its CEO, Shishir Mehrotra

[00:38:12] - Lessons learned from working with MasterClass

[00:41:21] - Differentiating between high and low-quality revenue when evaluating a company

[00:47:39] - What scares them about investing in outliers

[00:51:07] - Improvements made as investors and catalysts for those changes

[00:53:48] - Building an organization that will disrupt itself

[00:56:43] - The kindest thing anyone has ever done for them


Episode 240

by Colossus