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by Alison Haselden
It's a Slate of Mind

Ep. 65: Paving Your Own Path as an Artist with Lesa Wilson


In this episode, Alison and special guest, actress Lesa Wilson (Star Girl, Amazing Stories, Coins for Love) talk about why it's important to pave your own path as an actor. Lesa shares her incredible journey from the pageant world and modeling, to singing on American Idol, to hosting and finally acting full time. They discuss why knowing yourself and establishing your personal brand is vital to success, stories from set, and why having financial freedom is everything to actors. Get ready to get inspired!

Featured Guest:

Lesa Wilson is an actor and content creator based in Atlanta, GA. You might recognize her from Star Girl, Doom Patrol, or Amazing Stories. She started her career as a model and singer, appearing on American Idol. She later pivoted her career to the news and hosting world before becoming an actor full time. 

Website: https://lesawilson.com/ 

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2256974/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_6 

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/hellolesa/

About the show:

It's a Slate of Mind with Alison Haselden is a video-podcast designed to spark honest, unfiltered conversations within the entertainment industry community about things we're all thinking but don't talk about enough. It can feel isolating in this digital age (anyone else trapped in a self-tape bubble?), but we don't have to go it alone. Alison invites you to join her circle of friends new and old as we tackle the industry together. Alison Haselden grew up as a child actor and singer (her first time on set was age 6!) performing in commercials, print ads, film, TV, professional theatre, and recorded music between Orlando, FL, Nashville, TN, and Los Angeles, CA. She's now Atlanta, GA based pursuing film and TV as well as screenwriting.

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Episode 65

Season 4

by Alison Haselden