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by Catherine Emerson & Christine Jensen
It's No Secret

Bonus Episode: Money Moments with Cat & Christine - Buying and Selling Shares, Renovating Investment Properties, Upsizing Homes and Streamlining Our Finances


Hello our lovely listeners! Welcome back to another bonus episode of It's No Secret, this time a Money Moments check in with Christine and Cat.

We received such great feedback from you about our first Money Moments episode that we thought we would make it a regular thing. So here you are!

Today on the podcast we reflect on the last 3 months of our financial lives, plus set some small achievable goals for the next couple of months.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Why Christine has put the property search on hold in the short term
  • Cat's next investment property move (spoiler: it involves her fave, renovating)
  • How Cat plans to use buying an investment property to help her upsize her home in 5 or so years (so they can stay in the same suburb!)
  • Christine selling her shares, finally!
  • And with that, why we find it so much harder to sell shares than buy them
  • How changing KiwiSaver providers can feel so easy relative to selling shares
  • Streamlining our financial lives to lighten the mental load
  • The power of accountability with taking action with money and investing

...and lots more juicy chat, as always.

We hope you enjoy our candid chat and would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on today's episode, so please join the conversation on:

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by Catherine Emerson & Christine Jensen