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by Bobby Judo and Ollie Horn
Japan By River Cruise

A Dehli-cate Predicament (w/Dr. Megha Wadhwa)


Dr. Megha Wadhwa shares her research on the Indian diaspora in Japan, as we look at the way Japan's handling of the Covid crisis has affected its Indian community. Don't expect any Indian food puns either. As per Bobby's orders, there will be naan.

Ollie's going to eat both of those pizzas by himself, but HEY, it's his birthday.

Bobby looks at the river cruise unions ALLS-WELL-THAT-ENDS-WELL philosophy.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • The "rulebook for integration" in Japan, and why it's never been properly translated.
  • The actual rulebooks that are actually made in an attempt to help non-Japanese integrate in the way Japanese people want.
  • Ollie's black and white striped t-shirt
  • The lowdown on the Indian community in Japan.
  • The stereotypical Indian migrant, and how its changing.
  • The effect on Covid-19 on your ability to get a good Indian set lunch.
  • How the entry ban has affected the Indian population in Japan
  • Whether India has been treated worse than other countries.
  • Cross-border relationships.
  • Ollie getting himself in knots trying to ask what was actually a very simple question about India getting wealthier and gender equality.
  • Ollie's claim that people not wanting to be friends with him is because of where he's from not who he is.

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Indian Migrants in Tokyo: A Study of Socio-Cultural, Religious, and Working Worlds

In the Age of COVID-19 – Indian restaurants and the Indian cooks in Japan

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Episode 100

by Bobby Judo and Ollie Horn