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by Bobby Judo and Ollie Horn
Japan By River Cruise

Vax Passports: Valid in Participating Locations ONLY (w/Magdalena Osumi)


Japan Times Journalist Magdalena Osumi updates us on Japan's border entry sitch, and outlines Japan's new "vaccine passport" system, which could help lift some restrictions when entering certain countries (Not Japan, tho).

Ollie is MIA and Bobby won't even watch the pirated stuff.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:

  • Brian's big debut
  • What happened with the Belarusian Olympic sprinter who criticized her coaches on Instagram
  • Differences in public reactions to the above story and the story of the Ugandan athlete who absconded from the Olympic village
  • Japan's fishy attitudes towards asylum granting
  • How Japan's entry/re-entry situation has changed for non-Japanese residents
  • Why Japan seems doomed to repeat some of its administrative mistakes
  • Japan's unique, over-focus on border control as pandemic control
  • The ongoing wait for new entry visas in Japan, and the effects on the Japanese economy
  • Trouble with re-entry/quarantine logistics
  • What a vaccine passport is meant to do
  • Who does and doesn't accept Japan's vaccine passport
  • Who's eligible for a vaccine passport
  • Is it unreasonable to still have to quarantine on re-entry after using a vaccine passport?
  • Japan's problems with understanding give-and-take
  • How the way the Olympics is playing out might affect future entry restrictions
  • Where Japan might be better served to focus it's pandemic control measures

Topics covered in the Extras include:

  • European Cultural Compatibility
  • Vaccine passport reciprocity
  • Who's NOT on Japan's good list
  • Why Japan is missing out by keeping it's doors closed
  • Japan's vaccine hesitancy
  • Whether or not Japan could ever see a vaccine requirement for services domestically
  • Koike's efforts to encourage young people to get vaccinated
  • How Japan might dodge a bullet with a technicality for the vaccine passport rollout
  • What REALLY prompted the introduction of this passport system

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Episode 94

by Bobby Judo and Ollie Horn