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by Jon Moisan and Kristopher Knight
Jobber Squad: A Pro Wrestler, Character Generator Comedy Show

Ep. 33: Cool Arnie Reynolds


You look like you need a new set of wheels, and this jobber is happy to sell them to ya. We create a new jobber and new stipulation match in our Main Event. Also hitting the mat, a Crossfit beginner, a cooking master unfortunately burdened by a cheap gimmick, and an Amish attacker ready to build Bray Wyatt's barn back.

Jobber Squad is a comedy pro-wrestling podcast. Each week, Jon Moisan and Kristopher Knight take fan submissions for new, gimmicky pro-wrestlers, and develop one for the big time: a chance to be the newest member of Jobber Squad! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. And give us a review on iTunes if you're enjoying the show.



by Jon Moisan and Kristopher Knight