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by Skaði's Symphony
Kane and Feels: Day Trippers

Protected By Guardians


When an anachronistic sign and a nightmarish figure turns up outside Hanna's place of work, she fears for her sanity. Could hiring two strange and shabby detectives help her sleep a little easier?

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Greta Clarkson - Hana

Jack Fitzpatrick - Lucifer Kane

Oliver Morris - Brutus Feels

Additonal Voices - Ali Cambell, Goeffrey MacCarthy, Jude Hodgson Hann, Jackie Milne, JD Ledford, James Oliva,

Written by Jack Fitzpatrick & Oliver Morris

Directed by Jude Hodgson Hann

'Flirting With the Devil' was composed and performed by Madeline Morris

All SFX sourced from Freesound.Org (Creative Commons)

All music composed by Oliver Morris

Produced by Jude Hodgson Hann & Oliver Morris for Skadi's Symphony


Reference and portrayal of narcotics use. Portrayal of Depression


Episode 4

Season 1

by Skaði's Symphony