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Kane and Feels: Day Trippers



Kane and Feels Shelter from the rain, and do some hard core detective work.

When will they find the time to solve this mystery? When did that cat get here? When is Twomy St Dunstan? When did Kane get that money? When will these questions be answered?

The cast in order of Appearance:

Oliver Morris - Brutus Feels

Jack Fitzpatrick - Lucifer Kane

Mean Mark Waylett - The Yawning Man

Umnia El Neil - Ishani

Greta Clarkson - Hana Turnwood-Knott

George Ofori-Addo - Riz

Beth Eyre - Thornbush Princess

Conrad Muzik - The Cowboy Binman

Written by Jack FItzpatrick and Oliver Morris

Directed by Jude Hodgeson Hann

Composition by Oliver Morris

Sound design was by Jude Hodgson Hann and Oliver Morris and

Kane and Feels is a Skadi’s Symphony Production.

Content Warning:

Drug Use, including alcohol and marijuana.


Panic attacks

Loud Noises

Depictions of Witchcraft and Christianity

Themes of Post Traumatic Stress.

Kane and Feels is a Skadi’s Symphony Production.