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by Skaði's Symphony
Kane and Feels: Day Trippers

Wonderland II


Kane and Feels go down the rabbit hole.

You’ve been listening to Kane and Feels: Paranormal Investigators

Wonderland was written by Jack Fitzpatrick and Oliver Morris

It starred:

Viviana Padiglia

Jack Fitzpatrick as Kane and Oliver Morris as Feels.

Additional roles were played by members of the cast.

Lucy Lan Luo as Alice

Ali Cambell as Ms. Carter

Greta Clarkson as Sharron

Geoffrey McCarthy as The Archbishop

Adil Aourarh as Lt. McNeill

Ruby Todd as Riley

John Faulds as The Technician

Teresa Dušková as Jenny

Greg Lass as The Baby Acteonsen

And Hannah West as Joy

The programme was directed by Jude Hodgson Hann, with original music by Oliver Morris, and additional composition by Jim Johanson. Kane’s ringtone was Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7 in A, Op. 92, transcribed by Franz List and performed by Lambis Vassiliadis for the public domain. More public domain recordings can be found on Musopen.

Sound design was by jude Hodgson Hann and Oliver Morris and it was a production for Skadi’s Symphony.

Join us for a bit of sun, sea and grit in chips in Kane and Feels’ next universe splitting adventure coming….. Eventually… To a pod app near you.

We wish to extend our eternal thanks to Greta Clarkson, Ella Watts, Nicky, John, Ava, Ethan, CHarlie, Sarah, Rosie, Olly, Donna, David, Millie, Maddie, Mark, Clare, Penny, Ely, Wil, Spider, Greater Boston, What’s the Frequency, Victoriocity, Neon Nights, Tides, Deptford, Lewisham, Brixton, Arlzee, Canada Water, Freesound.org, the Korg, analogue delay plugins and the unending hellscape of the subconscious. Thank you for listeningContent Warnings:

Drug Use, including trauma and bad trips. Peril. Death, including some graphic depictions Depictions of Witchcraft and Christianity


Episode 6

Season 1

by Skaði's Symphony