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by Keep Going, Student Nurse! - The Podcast!
Keep Going, Student Nurse! - The Podcast!

@KeepGoingStN! - Episode 02 - Kenny Gibson @KennyGibsonNHS (part 1)


This week I spoke to Kenny Gibson, Registered Nurse and Head of Public Health Commissioning, London (currently transitioning into the National Head of Safeguarding) & Senior Responsible Officer for Homeless Health (London), and Associate Lead Nurse for Prevention (PHE). Did you know that some nurses manage budgets of up to £241m? I didn’t either. In this hugely inspiring episode, we hear all about Kenny’s NHS journey to the top of the tree from his humble beginnings in a small village in Aberdeen. Other topics discussed include: - Impostor Syndrome - Twitter as a tool for capturing learning for health professionals - Homeless health and underserved groups - Three types of senior roles in healthcare explained Follow the show on Twitter @KeepGoingStN Follow me on Twitter @Stn_Gino Follow Kenny on Twitter @KennyGibsonNHS Visit Kenny’s website www.KennyGibson.net



by Keep Going, Student Nurse! - The Podcast!