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by Nasir Kharma

A Konversation with Elizabeth Filips


👋🏻 Hey! Welcome to my KharmaKast with Elizabeth Filips! 🎨 A 3rd year medical student at King's College London, a talented artist and someone who has recently been thrust into the world of youtube and social media. Her editing style is unique and her soothing voice has me hooked. She is also an absolute productivty machine which always wins brownie points in my books! 🍪

We talk about all things ranging from toxic productivity, what it's like to be vulnerable and put yourself out there on the internet, gaining popularity online so quickly, and the importance of having hobbies to help you disconnect from the huste and bustle of everyday life 🏙🎨👩‍💻


Episode 3

Season 1

by Nasir Kharma