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by Jordan Carroll
Killers You've Never Heard Of

Trailer - Killers You've Never Heard Of


Welcome to Killers you’ve never heard of. The true crime world is very anglo-centric, focusing on the United States, Australia, UK and Canada. There are important stories to be told and highlighted around the world that do not get enough attention and the victim’s stories are not told. Killers you have never heard of is going to flip that, our intention is to highlight crimes from each country around the world in English, to spread the understanding of these wider. Some countries do not have readily available information, such as North Korea, so, in those cases we may stray away from the theme of serial killers. A warning to anyone listening, that there will be descriptions of crimes that are disturbing, including sex crimes and murders, the descriptions are not graphic for drama, but to help you understand the horror of the crimes. We are not speakers of each language, so, we will do our best to get pronunciation as close as possible for names and places. One last thing, if you have any suggestions for crimes you would like highlighted, please message us on Instagram, @killersyouveneverheardof where you can also see pictures and maps that will help illustrate the scenes.



by Jordan Carroll