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by Robert Allen, Copywriting and Marketing
Kings of Conversion: Marketing, Copywriting and Ecommerce

Justin Brooke: Polls, The Death of Webinars? & 17,233 Leads Per Day


Justin Brooke has been the traffic guy for Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson, StansberryResearch, Agora Financial, and many others. You may have seen Justin on stage at Traffic & Conversion Summit, Underground X, MFA Live, Info Summit, Super Fast Business Live, or you might have heard him interviewed on EOFire, Mixergy, and the 27 other podcasts that he has been on. He's managed $10,000,000+ in ad spend, driven over 50,000 customer acquisitions, and is now passionate about training the 5,000+ students he has in AdSkills, his online ad buying school. And in this episode we talk about one of the engines driving every businesses' growth: Leads. In fact we talk specifically about how he was able to generate up to 17,233 leads per day. That's over 400,000 leads per month or 4.8 million leads per year. And with if you can master that level of lead generation, no revenue goal is out of reach.


Episode 10

by Robert Allen, Copywriting and Marketing