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BONUS:United Under One Heart Prayer


Hi Gorgeous Souls, this is a bonus episode.

This is an invitation for all of us to hold a strong faith during these tough times.


As we are witnessing dark acts going on in the world.

I am offering this prayer.

I am calling the spirit of Highest truth and compassion to hold us in a safe space.

May the spirit of highest integrity and compassion teach us.

May you guide our hearts to see things for our highest good.


United Under One Heart







Beloved Father,

May all our tired hearts be heard.

May all our hearts unite.

May all our wounds be transformed.


May we all RISE as ONE.


Walk on earth as ONE Humanity.


May we choose to amplify the LIGHT.

May we refuse to shrink in fear.

May our LOVE echoes throughout this current dark night.


Our hearts have been broken many times.

We are wounded and can no longer be cut down.

It’s been shattered and left wide open.

Every breath that we take hurts.

Every movement that we make hurts.


Many of us are

Tired &


But we are unwilling to be Silenced.


Knowing that Change is often painful.

Like the caterpillar had to surrender itself to transition and become a butterfly.

Like the seed had to be broken apart to allow the plant to break free and rise above.


May we all be healed under ONE LOVE.

May we end the old chapter that we are separated and divided.

May we fully embrace and welcome the new BEGINNINGS.


We are asking for you to infuse us with unshakeable strength.

We are asking for you to infuse us with grace to lift us up.

We are willing to listen.

We are willing to be guided.

We will do our part.


All is well.





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Bonus episode

by Lady Level Up Boss