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by Fluent in 3 Months
Language Hacking

#66 Anja Spilker on Creating a Language School in Mexico


Benny Lewis and Shannon Kennedy talk to Anja Spilker about learning Nahuatl, combating negative feedback as a language learning, and running a language business.

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Episode Overview

Some of the topics brought up during the interview are:

  • Living in Mexico in a second language
  • Opening a language school
  • Using social gatherings to gain conversation skills in a new language
  • Combining fitness with language learning
  • Building a business in another country
  • Learning Nahuatl and discovering a passion for indigenous languages
  • Helping create resources to support others with lesser learned languages
  • Combating negative feedback as a language learner
  • Strategies for keeping your conversations in the target language
  • Learning languages for travel
  • Transitioning from brick-and-mortar to an online business

Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy


Episode 66

by Fluent in 3 Months