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by John "Jay" Wiley
Law Enforcement Today Podcast

A Violent Attack Led to Many Surgeries, Retirement, Addiction, His Recovery and More.


She threw the truck into reverse and hit me, causing serious injuries. A Violent Attack Led to Many Surgeries, Retirement,  Addiction, His Recovery and More.

Brock Bevell, a retired Mesa Arizona Police Officer is our guest. He talks about his career in law enforcement and a violent act that caused career ending serious injuries. During the multiple surgeries and the rehabilitation process he was prescribed opiate pain killing medication. He developed a severe addiction to the pain killing medication. Brock talks about the depths that his addiction and lifestyle took him to. He also talks about his recovery process where he got clean and sober and how he uses his experience to help others recover and rebuild their lives.  

Background song Hurricane is used with permission from the band Dark Horse Flyer.

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Episode 35

Season 5

by John "Jay" Wiley