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by Lucy Dearlove
Lecker: A Food Podcast

The Unsociable Kitchen (Kitchens #3)


Why are so many of our kitchens so unsociable? Lucy meets Johnny Grey, a kitchen designer who’s been fighting for decades to make kitchens a place for leisure not work, and Katie Pennick, a disability campaigner whose work has changed the face of London transport – but who still can’t cook in her own kitchen. Plus Sean Warmington-Wan reflects on the unsociable kitchen in his shared London house.

Lecker is written and produced by Lucy Dearlove.

Thanks to the contributors on this episode: Sean Warmington-Wan, Katie Pennick and Johnny Grey.

You can find a full transcript for this episode on the Lecker website.

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Original music was composed for the series by Jeremy Warmsley, with additional music also by Jeremy, and by Blue Dot Sessions

Research and production assistance from Nadia Mehdi.

Cover collage by Stephanie Hartman

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Episode 3

by Lucy Dearlove