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by Young Orthodox Tewahedo Christians
Let's Talk Tewahedo

Misconceptions of Sex


Last episode, we talked about the misconceptions around purity and purity culture, and what it truly means to live a life of purity as God meant it for us, and the way forward. When we think about what and how we’ve been informed about sex, God is not the first thing we think about. We are surrounded by a multitude of influences like music, movies, shows, friends, etc that often shape the way we think about this topic. This episode will break down the misconceptions our generation has and the applications we can use to change our spiritual and physical life.

If you’re interested, we have a complete series of Dating in Purity uploaded on youtube and its corresponding notes on our website which is yotc.org and YouTube: YoungOTC. This weeks episode is from week 5.

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Episode 3

Season 2

by Young Orthodox Tewahedo Christians