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by Nohémie Mawaka

Éva Goicochea - Maude


For this episode, #LetsTalk features Éva Goicochea, the NY-based founder of sexual wellness brand Maude! Being one of the few to raise over $1 million in venture capital fund for a brand within an industry that's incredibly difficult to raise money for, Éva tells us about how she created Maude with key team members, and how she intends to grow it in the future. She also elaborates on why she chose to ensure her marketing catered to a broad audience rather than a targeted demographic and how it works in her favor. Outside of her incredible entrepreneurial successes, Éva shares with us her balanced lifestyle with her life partner, as well as her passionate love for puppies and all things animals! Check out her amazing progress with Maude along with her other ventures.



Episode 17

by Nohémie Mawaka