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by Nohémie Mawaka

Mike Procee - Cratic.ai


Happy 2021! #LetsTalk powers through the new year with another episode, tackling the discussion of workplace culture with Mike Procee, Co-Founder of Cratic.ai!
This modern digital product serves as an online toolkit targeted towards employees looking to increase their team dynamic and communication. Cratic achieves this by creating an open dialogue within a workplace, through individual weekly surveys followed by team huddles for discussing the surveys' top answers and important topics! Over the weeks, the insights reveal where the work culture and team dynamic can improve.

Mike touches more on how he joined the Cratic team, how his educational background in Engineering + Business Administration applies to his current practices, and how his job in corporate helped him gain great perspective on the modern work culture. We also chat about the importance of the relationships between people in the workspace, and within entrepreneurship in general! Check out their website to see more of Cratic.

W: Cratic.ai
LinkedIn: Cratic Ai


Episode 20

by Nohémie Mawaka