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by LewweTalk with Kerry Jerome
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Self Loyalty - Does The Bro and Sis Code Really Exists? (Pilot Episode)


The Unwritten Code

I’ll try to keep this straight to the point as possible. I was very happy when Kerry Jerome told me that y’all would be hosting a technical run through episode soon so I felt  I could’ve used this time to share this predicament that I found myself in.

My good friend that I’ve known for a long time broke up with her man that she had  for about 2 years,  in November last year Just before independence.  She took the break up pretty hard to be honest because they were pretty close to eventually getting married. So as a good friend I was there for her, as I would always console her after every break up she went through.

In January this year the most unexpected thing happened. I live with my brother, so based on the type of job my brother has I was required to interact with her ex on numerous occasions. I will declare my hand and state that I never had any feelings for him whatsoever before but after over period of time this man has grown on me! Like in a big way!

Things started off from small compliments to social drinks to dinners to late night phone calls to park outs to hotels to his home, to my home. Now we are in a whole relationship!  I was medically diagnosed with depression and I’ve never really had any happy moments until I met him. He literally  gives me this euphoric feeling.

I decided to let my friend know about my new found romance with her ex because I believe that she should find out from me than on social media or from someone else.  Let me just say that she was in no way pleased.  She insists that she is still in love with him and she believes he still feels the same for her. People don’t get over people so fast! She told me that she doesn’t want me as a friend anymore because I pretended to be there for her knowing very well that I had feelings for him. In fact she gave me an ultimatum. Either I end the relationship with him or we will no longer be friends.

I honestly feel like a traitor.

Should I Give up this man that has bought out the best in me? Made me experience happiness that I’ve never had before or should I respect my friend’s wishes? Where does my loyalty lies?

Can you date some that slept with your friend?

And if they did, who is obligated to tell you?

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by LewweTalk with Kerry Jerome