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Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions

Episode 4: Friends with benefits

It was dangerous being one of Melissa Caddick's friends or even family, as that made you a prime target for her crimes. In this episode, we look at how Caddick lured victims into a scheme that meant if you were her friend she was the one who would benefit. We explore Ponzi schemes and highlight the eerie similarities between the crimes of Melissa Caddick and one of the greatest financial criminals in history - Bernie Madoff.

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If you have more information about this case, please contact us at liarliarpodcast@smh.com.au

The Sydney Morning Herald's Kate McClymont and 60 Minutes' Tom Steinfort take a deep dive into one of the most extraordinary crimes of the century.

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Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions
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