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by Timothy McGee
Life-Centered Podcast - LikoLab

EP14: Katherine & Markus Ottmers || Connecting with Place


Photo by Thursa Kelly Price

Welcome to Life-Centered, a podcast about how looking to the natural world is impacting technology, society, and how we live our lives.

In this episode Amelia Tracy and I had a chance to talk with Markus and Katherine Ottmers. We first learned of the Ottmers from the book Water in Plain Sight by Judith Schwartz - and reached out to learn more about how they have learned from nature to create a thriving life in the desert.

Together they run Ottmers & Ottmers a mom and pop business centered around local economy and local food, providing “Solutions Based Education Service.”  We dive into their approach learning from the land, connecting with people, and creating positive impact as a keystone species in the world. Enjoy.

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by Timothy McGee