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by Timothy McGee
Life-Centered Podcast - LikoLab

Episode 4: Ben Kneppers


Welcome to Life-Centered, a podcast about how looking to the natural world is impacting technology, society, and how we live our lives.

In this episode Amelia Tracy and I talked with one of the co-founders of Bureo Skateboards Ben Kneppers. Bureo is probably one of my favorite companies in the entire world, and while you might not be able to tell I was a bit star-struck, let's just say it was great to have Amelia there to keep the interview on track.

Ben is a visionary, speaker, and entrepreneur, and in this episode we got a chance to not only explore the creation of Bureo and their game changing approach to manufacturing skateboards, but also how his experiences and career trajectory keep him energized and hopeful for the future. Enjoy.

You can find out more about Ben and Bureo:

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by Timothy McGee