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by Timothy McGee
Life-Centered Podcast - LikoLab

Episode 5: Asheen Phansey


Welcome to Life-Centered, a podcast about how looking to the natural world is impacting technology, society, and how we live our lives.

I'm Tim McGee, and in this episode I'm joined by Asheen Phansey. Asheen is active at the critical hub of sustainability and business. As a translator between people, cultures, technology, and ideas he has been able to bring principles from nature to help craft sustainable outcomes. His work has spanned biotech, aerospace, electronics, and he currently works as a Senior Manager at Dassalt Systemes. If you aren't familiar with Dassault, you are likely familiar with the products they help create as engineers throughout the world use their software to craft our modern society.

Through our conversation Asheen and I touch on the emerging internet of things, changing desires in our high tech products, the art of intraprenership, and we even take a crack at a fresh perspective on what's next for sustainability.

You can follow Asheen on Twitter, and Linkedin read his recent publication How 3D printing Can Revolutionize Sustainable Design at GreenBiz.

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by Timothy McGee