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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins

Being in the Flow State...In YOUR DREAMS

In this episode, I host Summer McStravick, the creator of FlowDreaming, to explore the technique's philosophy and application. McStravick shares her spiritual journey, influenced by her family's intuitive legacy and her work with spiritual leaders like Wayne Dyer. She describes FlowDreaming as a practice combining daydreaming, emotional intensity, and flow state awareness to manifest and align with life's natural currents. They discuss overcoming resistance, the distinction from meditation, and the significance of emotional endpoints in manifestation. Summer offers resources for learning FlowDreaming and highlights the collective power of shared energetic practices.

00:23 Introducing the guest

01:17 Coming through one of the most spiritual places

04:10 The thought leaders


14:46 Dean Radin

16:36 ‘’My consciousness as the World Wide Web’’

19:48 When are you in the flow state? How do you get to the flow state?

23:33 Three pillars in flow dreaming27:21 Reality is tough, but has improved overall.

26:28 How does this look in everyday life

30:51 Are you deserving of that / resistance

34:00 Flowdreaming vs meditation?

38:34 Emotion as a universal language

40:31 Energy blueprint

44:08 ‘This is all lifelong work’

45:11 Where you can find Summer McStravick / Outro



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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins
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