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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins

Heavenly Realms Revealed

In this episode of "Life, Death, and the Space Between," I interview Australian author Stephen Chong, who recounts his near-death experience and the spiritual revelations that inspired his book "The Afterlife: A Journey To." Chong describes his journey through different levels of the afterlife, the concept of judgment based on earthly actions, and the healing processes beyond life. He discusses the importance of forgiveness, the role of guardian angels, and the transformative power of trust and self-awareness. The episode delves into the profound impact of these experiences on Chong's life and the universal lessons he hopes to impart through his writing.

0:00 Introduction/Trailer

1:32 Coming to understand the different levels of the afterlife

6:03 What made Stephen write the book?

8:16 Redemption, renewal and our own understanding of afterlife

10:29 Universal laws for our listeners

12:29 Experiences that Stephen saw come through as people move into heavenly realms

19:55 The different levels when we get to the heavenly realms

22:06 Near psychedelic experience?

27:46 Hell – or a version of it?

30:41 Walking us through this experience – beings of energy

33:00 The experience of a choice to stay in the heavenly realms

35:30 Universal lessons that shift and change how one lives

38:20 Does Stephen feel like his psychic senses are more open now

46:21 Where to find more about Stephen & Outro


Find Stephen on www.stephenchong.com.au



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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins
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