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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins

How Artistic Creativity Redefines Grief

In this heartfelt conversation with Alexandra Boiger, we peel back the layers of grief, love, and the healing power of creativity. Alexandra shares the stirring tale of her sister's battle with illness, their bond, and how it inspired her deeply personal book, 'Lola's Heart.' We delve into the transformative journey of creating art from sorrow and the uplifting message that emerged. Join us as we explore the role of creativity in processing loss and the universal search for solace. Discover the intimate connection between life, death, and the space between through Alexandra's narrative. For episode notes, Alexandra's works, and more, visit our podcast page.

00:00 Introduction

04:30 The creation of her book in 2011

08:58 How a struggling artist finds solace in creating story

13:24 The sign behind how a butterfly signifies transition and presence in life

14:34 Books that tell stories through pictures alone.

22:57 The importance of love to overcome fear and darkness.

27:09 Creativity as a tool in processing grief.

32:28 Expressing gratitude for expanding perspectives on grief.

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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins
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