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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins

How to Be Embodied?

Join me in a powerful conversation with Cheryl Pallant on embodiment and energy healing. We delve into the practices for achieving inner awareness, exploring our relationship with the environment, and releasing tension through movement. Listen in as we uncover the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with ourselves to enhance our well-being. Stay tuned for an enlightening talk on life, death, and everything in between.

0:00 Trailer/Intro

1:38 The concept of Eco-Somatics

4:49 How embodiment applies to everyday life

10:58 Where true healing happens

16:45 CTA Show the love to the show!

19:53 Somatic intelligence

21:21 Energy healing

28:35 Can energy work be enough as a standalone modality?

31:45 Crossover between psychology and energy healing/embodiment

34:41 Useful embodiment practices

42:31 More about Cheryl

42:51 Outro



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Find Cheryl on https:/cherylpallant.com/


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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins
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