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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins

Spiritual Leadership with Jessie Kanzer

A man of peace will only use a weapon when it's his last resort and Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky has been that man. Zelensky’s rise from a comedian to a symbol of national resilience illustrates the unexpected ways ordinary people can rise to meet extraordinary challenges. Jessie shares insights from her book, "Unlocking Your Inner Zelensky," unveiling how embracing our individual ordinariness can lead to remarkable transformation—both within ourselves and as a society.

Jessie Kanzer, an award-winning author with profound ties to Ukraine. Jessie brings to the table an intriguing discussion on vulnerability, leadership, and the enduring human spirit through the lens of

We'll explore the intricate balance of light and darkness in our lives, the role of technology in shaping our perception of the world's suffering, and the importance of embracing all our emotions for spiritual growth.

Prepare to be inspired by the lessons of an unexpected leader and the spiritual journey that can emerge even from the heart of conflict. Don't forget to subscribe for more thought-provoking conversations, and let us learn together to find meaning in the space between.

*[00:00] How a struggling actress meets future Ukrainian President Zelensky.

  • [09:37] Successful comedian turned Ukrainian president fights corruption.

*[10:37] Manifestation of personal belief and success in leadership.

*[13:45] The way to be a successful leader, live with morals, stay humble.

*[19:06] Solving issues through dialogue.

*[21:48] Jessie reflects on her own personal journey, duality, and struggle.

*[24:15] Navigating personal joy amidst worldly chaos and challenges.

*[27:21] Difficulty of being human in today's world

  • [32:01] Leadership of ordinary man, humble and relatable.



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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins
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