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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins

What is Different about the Minds of Mediums?

Unraveling the mysteries of mediumship, spirit communication, and the science behind psychic phenomena with Dr. Jeff Tarrant.  Mediums apparently have unique brain activity compared to the brains of other psychic activities which highlights areas like the right parietal lobe. Dr. Tarrant explains how this compares to the brain's behavior during psychedelic experiences and altered states of consciousness. This episode will illuminate the science of the unseen and provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the brain's role in connecting with different levels of reality. For show notes, including referenced literature and further exploration, be sure to visit our official podcast page.

  • 00:00 Dr. Amy Robbins interviews Jeff Tarrant on consciousness.

  • 08:14 Premonitions and spirit communication experiences

  • 14:18 Brainwave data and what it says about mediumship

  • 19:07 Communication with discarnate entities and psychic abilities

  • 23:22 Limits of perceptual abilities

  • 31:24 Role of the default mode network and how it shapes one's sense of identity

  • 33:38 Ego death leads to fearlessness and expanded perception.

  • 38:14 Difficulty proving hallucinations versus real experiences in research

  • 43:48 Consciousness creates reality and influences experiences

  • 52:05 Exploration of unusual experiences, despite opposition for understanding.

  • 57:25 Different meditations for different brain development goals

  • 01:03:32 Breath work helps tap into cosmic consciousness.

  • 01:06:58 Where you can find more information


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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins
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