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Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins

What it Means to Grieve Consciously?

In this heartfelt episode, I welcome Claire Bidwell Smith, a voice of solace and insight in the landscape of grief and loss. Claire's expertise helps us unravel the complexities of mourning, from the physical manifestations to the deeply spiritual questions that arise. We discuss her latest guiding light, 'Conscious Grieving,' and the unseen stages of grief that can lead to profound transformation if we dare to engage with them. Join us as we explore the therapeutic impact of mediums, the healing power of discussing our pain, and the subtle nuances across different types of grief. Prepare for a conversation that not only honors the intricacies of human sorrow but also illuminates pathways to continue meaningful connections with those we've lost. For episode notes, Claire's writings, and more resources, visit our podcast page.


0:00 – Intro/Trailer

0:40 – Who is Claire Bidwell Smith

2:07 – Welcoming Claire on the show

3:46 – How to see grief as something that fits into the ‘consciousnesses paradigm’

5:10 – Changing the traditional paradigm of grief

7:35 – The buckets of grief

10:00 – How our loss can actually become our gain

10:47 – How grief might show physically for people

13:21 – Should we be separating grief from other symptoms

15:16 – Coping mechanisms for grief – yoga

15:59 – When should someone seek treatment for grief

18:32 – ‘Invite your grief in’

19:08 – Deep empathy and compassion

23:30 – When does grief become anxiety and/or depression

25:40 – Mediumship and afterlife in work with patients

31:07 – The loss becomes an opening for growth

34:32 – Amy’s experience watching Dr. Dan Siegel live

39:10 – Takeaways from the book ‘Conscious Grieving’

42:10 – Amy’s thoughts on Claire’s book

42:20 - Outro



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