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Ask Uncut- Banging your boss & not setting boundaries

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Welcome back Lifers and Lovers,

Today we start by unpacking whether it's the responsibility of the interviewee to hold up the conversation if the interviewer isn't doing a great job. Hugh Grant is being slammed for his interview with Ashley Graham, and we might be in the minority on this one.

The vibes of the week are:

Britt: Omnilux LED mask https://bit.ly/3YPN69k

Laura: Kath Koschel's book 'Kindness' https://bit.ly/3YMsrTt

Kath's episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/life-uncut/id1472126503?i=1000590088293

The questions we tackle today are:

-When is it okay to be someone’s second choice?
Context- I met this guy 5 years ago and we followed each other on instagram. Fast forward and we went on a nice date a few weeks ago. The following week I got a message saying that he had such a great time and really liked me, but his ex had been in contact and he felt as though things weren’t finished between them.
Fast forward again, it’s been two months and he’s messaged saying that things are well and truly finished and that he’d like to go out again. Would you go?

-I had a sex dream about my boss and now I can’t stop seeing him in a sexual way. He is single but there would be what I guess you’d say a power in balance between us. Should I put out some feelers and see if he maybe sees me in the same way or am I asking for trouble?
I’m not sure if it’s just a bit of a hot fantasy or if maybe we actually could work in a relationship. We have a lot in common and I know that a lot of people meet their long term partners at work

-How can I distance our relationship without ruining it?
I have a half-sister & we did not grow up together. Initially I loved the idea of having a sister, but she wants the type of relationship where we text all day, call a few times a week, and basically give a play by play of our day and our lives. It's exhausting and not who I am.

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