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Ask Uncut - Can I character check your ex?

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Hey Lifers!

Today we are kicking things off with a question of our own.

What's the etiquette when a friend or acquaintance asks you for a reference check on one of your exes? Do you completely divulge what you truly think of them, or would you be doing that out of spite?
Then we jump into your questions!

  1. One of my close friends voted 'no' during the gay marriage plebiscite. My wedding is coming up and I'm in a same sex relationship. Should I invite my friend to our wedding given that she made her opinions of our union known at the time?
  2. My boyfriend of 4 years says he wants to wait another 6-8 years before getting married. I want to be married in the next 3 years. How do we 'meet in the middle' when we have different timelines?
  3. Can you wear open toed shoes in a workplace? My colleague has gross feet and I hate looking at them

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