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Ask Uncut - expiration dating, gamers and the worst sex you've ever had

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Welcome to your therapy Thursday where we unpack your questions and concerns, but first we need to get to the important stuff.
We asked for you to describe the worst sex you've had in 6 words.A galvanising experience! We've all had one bad one but these take the cake.

What the girls are vibing or unsubscribing from this week:
Britt: Vibe = new season of Bump
Unsubscribing = people not letting you use their bins
Laura: Vibe = Big Miracles on channel 9

Today we're unpacking these questions:

-I have been seeing someone that I really, really like. Problem is, he's moving back home in a few months and I have no desire at all to move overseas. My question is, should I keep spending my time with him even though I know it's not going to go anywhere?

-My fiance and I want to book our wedding date (in 16 months time) on the date that his friend's fiance wants to have her bridal shower... They are planning on getting married 2 weeks after. She is telling me that I am being selfish by trying to book that day when she 'already has plans for that day,' but I think she is being unreasonable so who is in the wrong?

-My husband is obsessed with gaming and I feel like it’s becoming an addiction. We’ve discussed it, but he just laughs it off or denies that it’s an issue. He will get home from work and be on his games till well after I’m asleep. I feel like it’s really starting to irritate me and he’s not listening to any of my concerns. What should I do? How can I get through to him to spend less hours playing video games?

If you have a question you'd like us to answer send it to @lifeuncutpodcast on instagram!Tell your mum, tell your dad, tell your dog, tell your friend and share the love because we love love!! xx

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