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Life Uncut

Ask Uncut - The Great Drink Bottle Deception Debate

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Welcome to therapy where we answer your questions, completely unqualified but enthusiastically!

First up, Lola is being a sleep terror and it's got Laura praying to the sleep gods.
We've also found a 'new' way to see if your partner is cheating on you, and Lady Gaga is getting sued for the most ludicrous reason.

Today the questions we are jumping into are:
-I slept with my coworker about 4 years ago. He has a new girlfriend now who I have become friends with. We really click! Should I tell her that we slept together years ago or should I pretend like it never happened? She has started asking questions about his past.

-My ex and I had a list of baby names with one that he really liked. My new partner and I are now talking about baby names and he likes the exact same name. Can I name my child the same name that my ex picked?

-I accidentally saw that my partner had ordered my engagement ring. He left it open by accident on his safari when I went to search for something. I saw the ring, the receipt and everything. Should I tell him I've seen it or act shocked when he proposes?

-How early is 'too' early to bring up stuff like mental health issues in the early stages of dating someone?

Vibes and unsubscribes today are:
Laura- the app Dext https://app.dext.com/loginBritt - unsubscribing from photo widgets that show photos of your exes

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