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by Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne
Life Uncut

ATTRACTION PART 2 - Is it a "grower" or a "shower"?!


Welcome to attraction part 2! Today's episode kicks off with Britt's beef with the daily mail, as well as a hot, big announcement about where else you'll find us in 2022! We touch on our reactions to Taylor Swift's newly released old album 'Red' and whether Jake Gyllenhaal has been treated a little bit harshly or not. Then we are rolling into part 2 of attraction! We broke down emotional and physical attraction in episode 170 & today we are taking a deep dive on the types of attraction and how they can be impacted by sexuality. We look at: -Sexual attraction -Romantic attraction -Aesthetic attraction -Emotional attraction. We then had one of our wonderful listeners, Billi, who identifies as non-binary and asexual join the podcast to speak about how being asexual has impacted their life and their relationships. We spoke about the misconceptions around asexuality and how consent around sex can be misunderstood in asexual individuals. Some other things we touched on are: -aromantic -sapiosexuality -demisexuality & -pansexuality. The Australian podcast Listener's choice award is back and frankly, it's the one that we care about the most because it's a reflection of you guys, our incredible community, not a bunch of judges deciding whether we tell too many poop stories! If you have a spare sec, we would be ever so grateful if you could give us your vote here: https://australianpodcastawards.com/vote If you love the episode, share it with someone you love because we love love! x x x


Episode 190

by Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne