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Life Uncut

BACHETTE UNCUT - Brooke and Darvid fly off on a magic mower to live happily ever after


OH MY GOD… It’s our final Bachette episode!

Maybe ever, maybe just for the year - we’re still undecided. It’s the second last ep, which kicks off with Darvid meeting Brooke in a kayak (sadly there was no cameo from surf dog bachelor). After a quick paddle, they jump on quad bikes and try to escape from the Bachelorette compound. Osher springs into action and catches Brooke - forcing her on a date with Jamie-Lee. They go on a bush walk, which Brooke hates because she’s wearing brand new white jeans. Jamie-Lee tries to save the date by declaring her love but before Brooke can react - Osher picks her up and forces her to go on one last date with Holly. She makes Brooke endure a marathon session of interpretive dance and just when Brooke thought it couldn’t get any worse - Holly declares that she hates kids and WA. It’s all too much for Brooke who storms off mid date.

Time for the finale, which is between the Persian Landscaping Prince and Best Friend Jamie-Lee. Both get grilled by Brooke’s besties - Amy and Abbie Chatfield. They both agree that Darvid is a total dreamboat but Jamie-Lee won't give up just yet. She hires a couple of bicycles and takes Brooke down to the skatepark to smoke cigarettes they stole from Osher’s dressing room. Darvid then rocks up and takes Brooke on a tantric-sex-yoga class, which is topped off with a confession of love.
Osher decides that Brooke has endured enough so he allows her to say goodbye to Jamie-Lee who actually takes the news like a champion. Before she can wipe away her tears (and her eyelashes) Darvid rocks up to finish off their tantric sex lesson. Brooke is so emotional she literally cries away her eyelashes.

It’s beautiful, its heart-warming, it’s why we watch this show. WE LOVE LOVE !!!