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Life Uncut

Ocean Wave, Volcano or Avalanche; Which Type Are You?

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Hey Lifers!

You might have noticed a sneaky little bonus episode drop into your feeds on Friday! We released the meaty, juicy part of today's episode on Friday to line up with Adam's media schedule!

So today's episode is a bit of a laugh!First up, Laura was recognised at potentially the worst place imaginable...enter the gastroenterologist.

We unpack a study that found that women have one of three types of orgasms:

-The ocean wave,
-The volcano or
-The avalanche.

We also asked you what 'thing' you got into because the person you were into liked it and our advice is steer clear of any sports that go for more than 2 hours...

We got to sit down with Adam Lambert and have a big ol' chat that you can find here: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-king-of-queen-uncut-with-adam-lambert/id1472126503?i=1000603487506

Tell your mum, tell your dad, tell your dog, tell your friend and share the love because we love love! xx

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