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Life Uncut

PCOS - Uncut with Angie Kent and Dr Izzy Smith


Heyyyya Lifers!
Today we are taking a big ol' deep dive into a condition that affects 1 in 10 women; and also one that is not spoken about or understood enough - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).
Joining us to talk about her personal experiences of being diagnosed with PCOS is the hilarious Angie Kent. Angie has had quite the journey with her uterus and hormones and in this chat she shares a lot of advice on what to look out for, how to prep yourself medically, looking at a holistic approach for treatment/management and how it has affected her sex/love life.
Also joining us to get the medical deets is the wonderful Dr Izzy Smith. She is an endocrinologist and unpacks the ins and outs of everything PCOS.
Dr Izzy also breaks down a lot of the misconceptions about the contraceptive pill!
We open this episode with a bit of chat about fashion expectations while you're pregnant, and how the media paints 'normal' jobs with judgemental undertones.
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Tell your mum, tell your dad, tell your dog, tell you friend that may have PCOS and share the love because WE LOVE LOVVVVVEEEE xx