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Life Uncut

Surviving an eruption with Kelsey Waghorn

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Hey Lifers!

It's our favourite day of the week and boy do we have a big one for you.

First up today, Laura lost her shit at a family on a boat over the weekend but you might agree with her reasons.

We unpack why some of y'all are dating people who look like they could be your siblings #siblingsordating and why it may not be as weird as it sounds.

Then we are joined by Kelsey Waghorn. Kelsey was a tour guide on Whakaari/White Island - the volcano that erupted in 2019 and claimed the lives of 22 people. Kelsey suffered severe burns to her body, and has had to relearn to walk and become comfortable in her new skin. Kelsey speaks incredibly vulnerably about how it's not the physical recovery, despite that being incredibly challenging, but rather the mental recovery from such a traumatic event that she has found difficult. Kelsey's resilience is inspiring and we feel very fortunate to have spoken with her. You can follow Kelsey's journey here: https://www.instagram.com/kezzelsify/?hl=en
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Life Uncut
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