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Life Uncut

The King of Queen - Uncut with Adam Lambert

Life Uncut
Life Uncut

Fancy seeing you here on a Friday!

Today we have a special bonus episode for you with someone we could talk to all week!

Boy did we covered some ground in this chat. Everything from childhood theatre school, to the new drag show laws enforced in some states of the US, from anxiety, being a Queer icon, to filling the shoes of Freddie Mercury as the front man of Queen.

Adam is exceptional. He is so warm. He is so humble considering all of his achievements.

We were so lucky to have sat down in his hotel room and had this chat in person.

His brand new album is called 'High Drama' and you can listen to it now!

Tell your mum, tell your dad, tell your dog, tell your friend and share the love because we love love! xx

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Life Uncut
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