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by The Paul Ramsay Foundation
Life's Lottery

On merit


Australians believe our country is the land of the fair go. A meritocracy where if you work hard you can be successful, no matter what circumstances you were born into. But how true is this? Is intelligence and hard work really enough to break out of a cycle of disadvantage? 

This episode interrogates the idea of meritocracy and how it was established in the Australian context with Alison Pennington from the Centre for Future Work. We also hear from the author and Saturday Paper social affairs journalist Rick Morton. He questionsthe reality of merit and social mobility at a time of widening wealth inequality and what that says about our commitment to provide opportunities for all.

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Produced by UTS Impact Studios: 
Executive Producer: Olivia Rosenman
Audio Producer: Nicole Curby
Researcher/writer: Jackie May
Theme music and Sound Design: Frank Lopez
Production music: Blue Dot Sessions
Graphic design: Celia Neilson


Episode 1

Season 1

by The Paul Ramsay Foundation