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by The Paul Ramsay Foundation
Life's Lottery

Possibility thinking


In this episode we examine systems change and possibility thinking with a leader in the field. Charlie Leadbeater is a creative systems innovator who works with organisations around the world to address long term problems, such as unacceptable rates of poverty. He says it’s time to reframe social issues to create meaningful solutions that are driven by a more inclusive set of values. 

Can we imagine a place for love and creativity in policy innovation? This approach has influenced the Family by Familyprojectrun by the Australian Centre for Social Innovation. We meet participant Melissa Hughes who shares her experience of how a relationship with a mentor family helped her move through a tough time and become a more confident and resilient parent.

We’ll also explore the challenges put to the educated and the powerful, including philanthropic organisations, to foster new ways of thinking to influence better public policy and evidence-based programs on the ground.

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Produced by UTS Impact Studios: 
Executive Producer: Olivia Rosenman
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Researcher/writer: Jackie May
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by The Paul Ramsay Foundation