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by Dustin Plantholt
Life's Tough

Life’s Tough — but Rebeccah Silence is TOUGHER, certified world-class Emotional Healing Coach helping and healing hundreds of families and individuals through life-changing breakthroughs!


Dustin Plantholt’s “Life’s Tough—YOU can be TOUGHER!” podcast this week features Rebeccah Silence, known for bringing her clients "back to life”, owner of Inspired Results, radio personality, highly sought-after keynote speaker and corporate trainer, specializing in "Emotional Release" coaching for individuals, families, life purpose, and healing.

In her conversation with Dustin, Rebeccah walks us through her 5 steps for healing. She has an online program called, Healing Is Possible, and during the 5-week course, Rebeccah has helped countless people overcome a painful past and break through the patterns than keep you stuck. “It’s simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy,” says Rebeccah.

After years studying, processing & integrating, Rebeccah has built a roadmap to freeing yourself from emotional pain. Courage, Wellness, Inspiration, Faith and Power are the 5 steps she believes are critical for healing. “If you feel stuck or held hostage by your emotional pain,” Rebeccah coaches, “if it’s keeping you from truly shining your light and becoming the person you're destined to be, this course might be right for you!”

Rebeccah put the pieces of her life back together after leaving an abusive marriage and again when she survived cancer, getting her initial diagnosis while she was pregnant with her youngest daughter. She is committed to helping others heal their childhood traumas and her work includes support for sexual, physical and self-harm disorders.

Rebeccah has spent the past 13 years helping her clients heal through their emotional pain stemming from dark & unimaginable trauma. She believes that we are all born exactly who we are supposed to be and as life happens to us, we drift, hide, numb and lose ourselves in our journey to adulthood. Through her work, she empowers others to choose their best self and claim the power to be who they were created to be. To learn more about Rebeccah visit her website.

Dustin Plantholt is founder and CEO of Life’s Tough. Surviving a traumatic childhood and now raising a family of his own, he is dedicated to helping others find their voice through sharing their story. Dustin says, “Together, we are sparking a movement and changing the world, one heart at a time. It’s life … life is tough … but YOU can be TOUGHER!”


Episode 8

Season 3

by Dustin Plantholt