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by Dustin Plantholt
Life's Tough

Life’s Tough — but Steven Strombeck is TOUGHER, Changing the World: "One Knob at a Time"


Dustin Plantholt’s “Life’s Tough—YOU can be TOUGHER!” podcast this week features Steven Strombeck, Founder and CEO of SafeHandles, who developed a uniquely superior product that not only keeps commonly touched surfaces clean but germs-free 24/7 for at least six months.

During his recent interview with Dustin, Steven Strombeck tells of how his personal encounter with a random individual's hygienic behavior spearheaded his determination to partner with his creative team to create a product that "has been tested to not only eliminate germs but also solve problems for a long time."

His mission? To keep our families safe. Three things in life matter more than ever before—health, purpose and the people we love. And SafeHandles' unique products can continuously reduce the growth of certain microbes to ensure the product is clean and durable, thus killing germs on the common surfaces people touch 24/7 so they don't get sick from that.

A problem-solver with a strong passion for helping people, Steve is also the current Chairman of the Board for Redwood Teen Challenge and is a founding director of Redwood Capital Bank. In addition to his business and charitable pursuits, Steven partners with multiple non-profits around the world and spearheaded two thriving companies, Strombeck Properties and Strombeck Construction.

To learn more about Steven Strombeck, visit www.safehandles.com, and join us for new episodes of Life’s Tough: You Can Be TOUGHER! here on the “Life’s Tough” channel!

Dustin Plantholt is founder and CEO of Life’s Tough. Surviving a traumatic childhood and now raising a family of his own, he is dedicated to helping others find their voice through sharing their story. Dustin says “Together, we are sparking a movement and changing the world, one heart at a time. It’s life … life is tough … but YOU can be TOUGHER!”


Episode 14

Season 3

by Dustin Plantholt