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by Lily of the Herbs
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Honouring our Roots - Reawakening Traditional Western Herbal Medicine.


"The world is begging to be healed through us, not by us". Words from Miriam of the Open Heart Apothecary, on her practice as a herbalist reawakening old and new traditions, she is a part of the cultural revolution of medicine. Miriam works with patterns and processes, rather than the cause and effect approach of modern biomedicine. In this episode we talk about the humoural temperaments of melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric and sanguine and how these are ancient lenses to view people and the world. We discuss how being a herbalist is not just about 'pills and potions' but is about the stories and archetypes within each one if us. We talk about how about the history of medicine, and myths from the ancient Greeks, the celts can helo us start to remember our lineage as healers and repair some if the damage that we are seeing in today's society. We are all made up of the same elements and matter. Let's relearn the stories of our ancestors and relearn to come from the heart not just the head.


Episode 3

by Lily of the Herbs