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by Lily of the Herbs
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Why we need a herbal revolution- feat. Nawala Nightshade.


This epic and moving episode is based around some questions that have been going round in ny head for some time now. I asked Nawa join me to share their perspectives on why we need herbal activism and where it is especially important. This helped to shine on a light on how we also need to continue to work of decolonising, connecting back to the mother and listening to indigenous people on these matters. Nawa is a herbalist, somatic coach, death doula and community organiser. Their healing practice is centred on anti-oppressive praxis that works to address systemic harm, informed by decolonial activism on the front lines, with respect to all who have fought and lost their lives for collective liberation. I was reminded of so much during this discussion, especially the collective pain we are feeling whether we are aware or not, from our disconnection from nature and traditional wisdom. Here are some links to other powerful speakers and herbalist from Nawa if you loved this talk:
Toi Scott of Queering Herbalism

Mandana Vasseghi-Boushee of Wild Gather Herbal School

Amanda David of Rootwork Herbals

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Episode 4

by Lily of the Herbs