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by Lily of the Herbs
Lily Of The Herbs Talks

Why we need a herbal revolution feat. The Perma Pixie


What happens when we all slow down and listen to the rhythm of our bodies? When we learn to grow and forage for the medicines we use? What happens when we value the energy and time which goes into creating medicine. The Perma Pixie and I have an epic discussion in this episode around the fact that all herbalists and permaculturists or people who work with plants are revolutionaries. The grassroot herbalists are keeping alive our connection to nature and while large corporations and and pharmaceutical companies may not have evil intentions behind them it is certainly not in their interests for them to have the people empowered to grow and heal themselves. The Perma Pixie has been working, teaching and studying in the world of permaculture & herbalism. Her visions for the future are bright and green and I would follow her to the end!


Episode 5

by Lily of the Herbs